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Practice yourself in little things, and thence proceed to greater

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Hi! I'm Lizzie and I'm your mod here at we_do_succeed!

So what is this comm all about?
Well, the idea is fairly simple. Everyone has things that they want to achieve in life, but how many of us actually get around to doing them? This community is designed to help! Two well-known ways to increase your chances of achieving something are to write your goals down, and to have supportive people around to push your ever onwards.

Have a goal that you want to achieve? Love writing? Then join us!

Six Easy Rules
1. Some aims are easier to blog about your progress than others. We want funny, we want inspirational, we want true, honest stories. This is why we have an APPLICATION. You must fill this in and be accepted before starting off on your blogging adventure!

2. Once accepted, make an introductory post telling us what your goal is, when you hope to achieve it by and anything more your feel like telling us! Once that's done, you can start posting with your progress! Try to update us at least once a week - it doesn't have to be an essay, but keep us informed and get some encouragement from us!

2. This community is for those who are actually commited to finishing their goals and to writing regulary. If you are accepted, please bear that in mind. If you do not post at least once every two weeks, you will be given a warning, and then removed if you still fail to make an update.

3. I wouldn't call myself a grammar nerd, but if you're here then you should be interested in good writing. This includes capitalisation and throwing in the odd bit of punctuation, please! I WILL make a snarky comment if you persistently forget these basic points.

4. We're here to help! Leave an encouraging comment on some of your fellow bloggers' entries and receive some support back in return.

5. Enjoying this so much that you want more? Excellent! However, you must've been consistently blogging your current goal for at least two months before I'll let you have another, and you must fill out the application again.

Awards and Challenges
When this gets off the ground, I'm planning on having some challenges and handing out some shiny awards. More incentive is always good, right? Watch this space!

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