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Nurses and visits. - Motivation. Inspiration. Enthusiasm. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Nurses and visits. [Feb. 19th, 2008|01:14 pm]
Motivation. Inspiration. Enthusiasm.


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So... not this time. However, figured I really needed to go to the doctor's anyway for my pre-conception appointment so toodled off on Friday to do it. I have a rash on my leg that won't go away as well so it was an extra excuse to go. It was actually a really positive visit. I get really stressed about going to the doctors (not my thing) and I was particularly anxious about this appointment because I didn't like the idea of having some doctor breathing down my neck telling me I'm too young. But actually, given that I'm not a teenager, and I'm in a long term relationship the nurse seemed ecstatic that I wanted a baby so young! We had a bit of a chat about cheap places to buy baby things, and all of the things I'm not supposed to be eating. As well as giving me my prescription for folic acid. She also told me that my medical care including prescriptions will be free from the moment I find out I'm pregnant until the baby is a year old which I didn't know.

On the food front there is a helluva lot of stuff you are not supposed to eat. It's mildly ridiculous. No-drinky, no-smoky, healthy diet was expected but I can't eat brie?? I LOVE brie. I half live off the stuff. The reason I'm not supposed to have Brie and other unpasturised milk products is because of a risk of catching Listeria, a really damaging infection. I do see the point but at the same time, since that's a 'risk' category versus an explicitly bad for you category I will do my best to cut down, but I am not going to totally stop. (same with nuts)

I also took the weekend off work and went to see a friend of mine's baby. She's very young, and I didn't find out about it until she was six months gone (long after S and I had decided we wanted kids of our own and had started talking about timing) I told her we'd 'officially' started trying, and she was very excited. It was actually really nice to spend half a day with a young person with a month old baby, and just talk in practical terms about what it had been like to be pregnant and what it was like now to have a baby. I've actually never really spent time with any newborn babies before (increasingly few women have before they have kids) so it was a bit of an eye-opener in terms of how much attention he required  and it was fun to get a chance to feed him and soothe him before I have me own. It certainly hasn't put me off though, especially given how gorgeous and cute he is. All the fussing was worth seeing him smile. Most definately.